History is not that Deliberate

History is not only written by the winners. It’s also rewritten by people with an agenda. Scholars and experts not only scour past events to highlight their favorite version but also according to their own philosophy of history. The most common are: Great Man Theory – Churchill, Lincoln, Caesar, Charlemagne, Stalin. The greats have disproportionateContinue reading “History is not that Deliberate”

Bitcoin, Tesla, Bears, and Ducks

Bitcoin and Tesla. Yeah, I know – such a tech bro topic, right? I’m only going to mention this to squeeze in “I told you so”. I concluded last week’s Deliberate Internet issue with: Maybe this all will accelerate cryptocurrency adoption similarly to COVID accelerating Remote Work? We’ll see. Turns out Tesla has bought 1.5Continue reading “Bitcoin, Tesla, Bears, and Ducks”

January 2021: GameStop, Parler, censorship, and crypto.

You thought 2021 is going to be an oasis of tranquility compared to the dumpster fire of 2020? After 31 days, there is A LOT to unpack in the events of January 2021, but I’m going to focus on events relating somewhat to the Internet. Keep in mind that this is all fresh and we’llContinue reading “January 2021: GameStop, Parler, censorship, and crypto.”

Roomba having trouble docking? Check the IR sensor.

I’m quite happy with my Roomba 980, but few months ago it started behaving like a blind puppy searching for her mum’s breast. It managed to return to the vicinity of the docking base, but it could never quite dock. I had to dock her manually most of the times. The Infrared sensor When youContinue reading “Roomba having trouble docking? Check the IR sensor.”