Roomba having trouble docking? Check the IR sensor.

I’m quite happy with my Roomba 980, but few months ago it started behaving like a blind puppy searching for her mum’s breast. It managed to return to the vicinity of the docking base, but it could never quite dock. I had to dock her manually most of the times. The Infrared sensor When youContinue reading “Roomba having trouble docking? Check the IR sensor.”

$4 SmartHome

  Firenet is a  Siri-controlled SmartHome installation using $4 ESP8266 modules and free Firebase account   Download / setup Installation instruction, screenshots, information and code on GitHub Features Siri Control Wireless control over $4 ESP8266 modules AC/DC current control RGB LED strip control, Sunrise simulation IFTTT integration Presence sensing Google Calendar intogration Notifications Device shadows (keepingContinue reading “$4 SmartHome”