Hallstatt, Austria

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Originally tweeted by Minimum Viable Polish (@artpi) on November 19, 2021.

Hallstatt, Austria is called "The most Instagrammable Town in the World".

- It attracts six times more tourists per capita than Venice
- Picturesque lake vistas and a charming church tower
- Oldest salt mine in the world
- Has a Chinese clone
- And a creepy skull church

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Despite being located in the Austrian Alps, locals are growing fruit-bearing trees by carefully arranging them close to the walls, shielding them from the cold

UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 received a million visitors in 2018 despite a population of just 800.
The mayor of the town pleaded for the tourists to please stay away:

"We want to reduce numbers by at least a third but we have no way of actually stopping them"

The knockoff version, built in 2012 in China is meant to be an exact replica, both ancient and romantic.

Feature: Hallstatt – An Austrian town in China where no one is home

The (real) town is especially popular among Asian tourists - it's a nice day trip from Mozart's hometown, Salzburg.

A Korean hit series chose this place for a location, and a Chinese replica made it really popular there.

The town signage is all German, Korean and Chinese

The town gets all the attention, but the lake Hallstatersee is fantastically located and offers many beautiful views, water activities, parasailing, downhill biking, etc

The hill behind the city houses a 7000-year-old salt mine, the oldest in the world.
You ride UP the funicular to visit the mine and a viewing terrace.

Another spot on this mountain is a chapel with 1200 painted skulls.
You've read that right.

And now, here is a lovely picture of my dog caught mid-shake

Originally tweeted by Minimum Viable Polish (@artpi) on November 19, 2021.