WordPress DAO Login

WordPress DAO is a plugin that connects your site login system to the governance tokens. It handles the Web2 part so you can focus on your contracts.

  • Existing users can log in with their Ethereum Wallets
  • New users can create accounts based on their token balances
  • You can designate members-only areas for token holders
  • Works with existing WordPress user roles and other plugins. You can create a private forum, private store, DAO blog, etc.

Automatic onboarding

DAO Login connects WordPress user roles to the token balances.

Whenever somebody logs in with Ethereum on your site for the first time, the plugin checks their token balances on the Ethereum mainnet (or test network or L2 of your choosing).

For any user role, you can specify the minimum amount of a token the user needs to have in order to create an account.

Your token can be a DAO Governance token, NFT, coin, or any other contract.

If you need a site for your DAO, just spin up a WordPress, install this plugin, and connect it to your governance structure. You don’t need to know the email address of anybody.

Built-in “Members only” area

DAO Login introduces a new “DAO Member” user role. You can mark posts or pages as “DAO Member only” and they will automatically be accessible only for users with this role, or higher.

If you want to provide a secret page, resource manual, or a perk for your DAO, NFT, or other token holders – it’s a few seconds with this plugin.

This opens a world of possibilities for your Airdrop.

Use the power of WordPress

WordPress plugins offer every functionality under the sun. By connecting user roles to tokens, you can create: