Howdy, 👋 I’m Artur.

I write about the global consciousness that is the Internet and I help build online businesses at

Both Software Engineer and Psychologist by education, I dive deep into second-order consequences of connecting everybody and everything to the same network.

Every Monday, I publish “Surprising Effects of the Internet” – a newsletter that analyses the emerging global consciousness from a technical and psychological perspective. No hype, only in-depth examination and real consequences.

In my writing, I focus on minimizing the cognitive load, creators earning on the Internet, and remote work. My most popular pieces include:

What I’m working on

  1. As my remote ‘day job‘ I am unlocking the economic potential of content creators and small businesses – I founded the ‘Earn’ team of I am confident, that helping creators foster an economic relationship with their audience can help battle the fake news epidemic and reduce inequalities,
  2. After getting masters’ degrees in both Computer Science and Psychology, I am confident that the integration of people and networks will be a fascinating dance and we have only heard the first notes.
  3. Warsaw, Poland is my home. I work remotely (with my wife) for a Silicon Valley company – Inspired by remote work allowing everyone to participate in the amazing global economy, I started writing about getting hired remotely and challenges of telecommuting

Few of my personal beliefs

  • It’s better to squeeze more life into your years than years into your life. You can read my bucketlist on this site,
  • The world is not a zero-sum game and we’re all in this together
  • People are collections algorithms. If you want to shape behavior, you can either work on incentives (inputs) or beliefs (‘code’),
  • There really are no adults in life, only older kids.
  • It’s better to be kind than respected, but it’s even better to be helpful than kind

Contact me

You can also try at artur[ you know what to put here ] . Please, no spam. Be cool.