Roam Research

Roam Research is a powerful “note-taking tool for networked thought“. Roam has the best “braindump bandwidth” from all the tools I have tried. It’s able to pull ideas out of my head in a way that no other tool can.

Roam Research projects

I have hacked on a few Roam projects:

  • Roam Research Private API is a puppeteer-driven command-line project that provides API access to Roam database, the ability to post data, etc.
  • Firebase 2 Roam is a custom Roam plugin for making quick notes on the go via IOS Shortcuts or from services like IFTTT
  • Alfroam is an Alfred Workflow that lets you search your Roam graph in Alfred
  • WordPress Roam block will let you publish pieces of your Roam graph
  • Troamback (Roam Throwback) will resurface your old content in your daily pages
  • Here is a short tutorial to installing Roam Plugins

Words about Roam

I’ve also written a few things:

More Roam hacks

I post Roam hacks I discover in this thread: