Roam Throwback (Troamback)

Troamback is a script for Roam Research that will resurface a random block with a predefined tag. Every day, you will get a throwback from your past in your daily page.

How can that be useful? Troamback will:

  • Remind you of the things you can be grateful for,
  • Resurface ideas you had long ago and want to get back to some day,
  • Get a random question in your daily note to spark your creativity,
  • Prepare a happy surprise for your future self.


  1. Put the following script in your [[roam/js]] – here is a complete example
  2. Customize the tags to be Troambacked (?). In my example, these are blocks tagged Review and Grateful
  3. Reload Roam
  4. After 10 seconds or so, you should get your first Troamback in your daily page.

Here is the script:

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