#181 Giants causeway

This fulfills my Bucketlist item 181 A long time ago, I stumbled upon photos of this incredible phenomenon in the vastness of interwebz. In Northern Ireland, there’s collection of these weird hexagonal bazalt pillars. As you can imagine, there are competing explanations for this incredible natural phenomenon. One includes a Giant, Finn McCool (name almost as goodContinue reading “#181 Giants causeway”

So you want to work at Automattic?

Today, it’s been precisely 6 months since I joined Automattic as JavaScript wrangler. All you’ve heard about how awesome this company is in fact an understatement! It is out of this world! I have started a blog dedicated to helping you get hired remotely. I have transfered this post there Click here to read -> .Continue reading “So you want to work at Automattic?”

#142 Swim with Manatees

This is my bucketlist item #142 I found a charming city of Crystal River, florida where you can legally swim with Manatees (they are an endangered species). I call them Sea Pugs. They are called Se Cows, bit I truly think Sea Pugs is more fitting   Crystal River has about 70 springs with warmContinue reading “#142 Swim with Manatees”

Evernote for Travel

© Stolen from Evernote team. During sightseeing, how would you like to have an interactive map with cool places to see, specifically suited to your preferences? A map with location of your airport, bus, hotel, with gps capability and tailored information about stuff you really want to see? Like opening hours, recommendations from your friendsContinue reading “Evernote for Travel”

Preikestolen and Kjeragbolten on the cheap

  I revisited Norway in 2018. I have to say,  places are a little bit more crowded now and paths to Trolletunga / Preikestolen / Kjeragbolten are much more organized. Also, if you are taking a car – parking under Trolletunga is 500 NOK, under Preikestolem – 200 NOK and under Kjeragbolten 200 NOK asContinue reading “Preikestolen and Kjeragbolten on the cheap”