Howdy, πŸ‘‹ I’m Artur.

I write about the global consciousness that is the Internet and I help build online businesses at Tumblr and

Both Software Engineer and Psychologist by education, I dive deep into second-order consequences of connecting everybody and everything to the same network

As my day job, I help build online businesses at Tumblr & I created this site to explore how global consciousness reshapes society, economy, labor, and art. I focus on:

  • Helping to create a healthy economy in the magical land of the Internet,
  • Channeling the power of technology, capitalism and human creativity towards sustainable stewardship for our planet and other species,
  • Making Remote Work work, so you get to find a fulfilling vocation regardless of where you’re born.

My best essays

Deliberate guides

  1. Deliberate guide to getting hired for a great remote job, or impress your boss in a remote setting
  2. Win at Slack: Free 5-day Effective Communication Bootcamp will help you get your point across that Slack window without misunderstandings and have more pleasant work environment.
  3. Collection of my Roam Research hacks and explorations

Deliberate Internet

Every Monday I send β€œDeliberate Internet” to 2500+ of my Internet friends with nuanced perspectives combining Remote Work, Technology, Psychology, and my other latest obsessions.

I have nothing to sell, except curiosity, and a lifestyle of growth

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Latest Essays

  • Human Memory and Academic Writing
    Human Memory and Academic Writing

    Why human memory is so bad? What can you do about it? Why should you publish your notes as a student? Read in 71st issue of the Deliberate Internet.

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  • Source Monitoring Errors
    Source Monitoring Errors

    The human brain is much more adept at remembering pieces of information than remembering where those pieces came from. In particular, it can easily confuse fiction with facts and treat hearsay as proof. Here is how Source Monitoring Errors happen:

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  • What is Web3?
    What is Web3?

    I have spent the last six months researching and playing with “Web3”. You may have heard of Web3, NFTs, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and of course, Crypto. Here is the snapshot of my current understanding, with a glossary.

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What I’m working on

  1. As my remote β€˜day jobβ€˜ I am unlocking the economic potential of content creators and small businesses – I founded the β€˜Earn’ team of I am confident, that helping creators foster an economic relationship with their audience can help battle the fake news epidemic and reduce inequalities,
  2. After getting masters’ degrees in both Computer Science and Psychology, I am confident that the integration of people and networks will be a fascinating dance and we have only heard the first notes.
  3. Warsaw, Poland is my home. I work remotely (with my wife) for a Silicon Valley company – Inspired by remote work allowing everyone to participate in the amazing global economy, I started writing about getting hired remotely and challenges of telecommuting

Few of my personal beliefs

  • It’s better to squeeze more life into your years than years into your life. You can read my bucketlist on this site,
  • The world is not a zero-sum game and we’re all in this together
  • People are collections algorithms. If you want to shape behavior, you can either work on incentives (inputs) or beliefs (‘code’),
  • There really are no adults in life, only older kids.
  • It’s better to be kind than respected, but it’s even better to be helpful than kind