Book: Factfulness by Hans Rosling

Oh my, how I do love Hans Rosling! His “magic washing machine” TED talk may be my favorite of all time. „Factfulness” is a culmination of his life work. He literally wrote the book on his deathbed. It provides a framework for thinking about wealth distribution around the world, thinking about help and differentiating factContinue reading “Book: Factfulness by Hans Rosling”

Book: Fahrenheit 451

Surprisingly, the book feels very modern. Contrary to what many people remember from it, the burning of books was not issued by a totalitarian government, but by people themselves.They just didn’t like being offended. Amazon Link The artifitial chatter created by “walls” and “families” is very reminiscent about modern society. We dont like uncomfortable ideasContinue reading “Book: Fahrenheit 451”