Computer Science and Psychology? How does that work?

The challenges of the future are in the seams of things.
Studying both Computer Science and Psychology has taught me the value of transdisciplinary understanding, and how our most pressing challenges require polymaths.

React Native Isomorphic app in a weekend

TeamParrot is an app that reads your Slack scrollback out loud so you can listen to your coworkers while doing awesome stuff. Because I work in a distributed company and have coworkers all around the globe, every day I wake up to a full wall of scrollback to go through. Some of it is actionable,Continue reading “React Native Isomorphic app in a weekend”

React Native CodePush

CodePush is a magical service that lets you update your app on the fly! It means that when you find a bug in your app you can push the code instantly to your users and update their apps / release new features. Why should I care? With Native apps you have to go through appContinue reading “React Native CodePush”