Hey fellow traveller! My name is Artur, and this is what I am up to right now. If you are curious about me, here is a short explanation of who Artur is.

What are you up to these days, Artur?

As of 2022-02-09:

  • I work for Tumblr /, where I lead the team helping creators earn by doing their art. In practical terms:
    • About 30% of my work is creating roadmaps for payment blocks, WooCommerce future, Infrastructure powering Tumblr Post+, and Tumblr Tipping.
    • About 40% of my time is leading the team implementing these roadmaps
    • Another 20% is occasionally getting to code stuff, and fix bugs
    • And another 10% is reserved for experimental projects within Automattic
  • I do that while working remotely, from Poland. I am very excited about Remote Work, and write quite a bit about that.
  • I have a wife, a dog, and a baby daughter now. Watching her grow up is plenty of fun.
  • Previously, I used to fly a lot, but that is challenging with the Piszek gang, so we bought an RV and I hope to roadtrip through Europe.

My current obsessions

  • Remote Work has become popular with the advent of COVID, but creating a good remote culture is not easy. I work remotely for 7 years now, and I share my learnings with employees and managers alike
  • Solarpunk is a trend marrying technology, art, and nature in a sustainable way. I like that it proposes hope instead of desperation.
  • Helping people earn money is my job description, and I write about related topics quite a bit
  • I went into the web3 hole, experimenting with technology, and thinking about the impact of blockchains.

The last three posts

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