Hey fellow traveller! My name is Artur, and this is what I am up to right now. If you are curious about me, here is a short explanation of who Artur is.

What are you up to these days, Artur?

As of 2022-02-09:

  • I work for Tumblr /, where I lead the team helping creators earn by doing their art. In practical terms:
    • About 30% of my work is creating roadmaps for payment blocks, WooCommerce future, Infrastructure powering Tumblr Post+, and Tumblr Tipping.
    • About 40% of my time is leading the team implementing these roadmaps
    • Another 20% is occasionally getting to code stuff, and fix bugs
    • And another 10% is reserved for experimental projects within Automattic
  • I do that while working remotely, from Poland. I am very excited about Remote Work, and write quite a bit about that.
  • I have a wife, a dog, and a baby daughter now. Watching her grow up is plenty of fun.
  • Previously, I used to fly a lot, but that is challenging with the Piszek gang, so we bought an RV and I hope to roadtrip through Europe.

My current obsessions

  • Remote Work has become popular with the advent of COVID, but creating a good remote culture is not easy. I work remotely for 7 years now, and I share my learnings with employees and managers alike
  • Solarpunk is a trend marrying technology, art, and nature in a sustainable way. I like that it proposes hope instead of desperation.
  • Helping people earn money is my job description, and I write about related topics quite a bit
  • I went into the web3 hole, experimenting with technology, and thinking about the impact of blockchains.

The last three posts

  • Human Memory and Academic Writing

    Human Memory and Academic Writing

    Why human memory is so bad? What can you do about it? Why should you publish your notes as a student? Read in 71st issue of the Deliberate Internet.

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  • Source Monitoring Errors

    Source Monitoring Errors

    The human brain is much more adept at remembering pieces of information than remembering where those pieces came from. In particular, it can easily confuse fiction with facts and treat hearsay as proof. Here is how Source Monitoring Errors happen:

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  • What is Web3?

    What is Web3?

    I have spent the last six months researching and playing with “Web3”. You may have heard of Web3, NFTs, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and of course, Crypto. Here is the snapshot of my current understanding, with a glossary.

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