swimR is a an that will revolutionize your swimming training. You just need to attach a beacon to your swimming glasses and swimR will gather data about your progress, compares it with previous achievements and if you want it – will synchronise with endomondo and runKeeper.

You will never again forget how many laps you did!

Hackathon child

swimR was conceived on Hackwaw3 – hackathon organized in Copernicus Center of Science in Warsaw, Poland. The topic was quantified self.

Use case

Idea is simple – we connect the phone to Bluetooth 4.0 beacon – in this particular case a borrowed Estimote beacon. The beacon – the size of an MP3 player – we attach to our swimming goggles. Then we swim.

The phone, left at the bank – is counting the lapses, speed and distance. We can see which distances we performed better, which worse. We can export data and make decisions based on facts.


A great tem

  • Karol Kozimor
  • Maciek Lis
  • Antoni Rokitnicki
  • Me (Artur Piszek)


Humble interface

This is how it looks in iPad:


The first day we wanted to check how our contraption behaves in water. Copernicus is a science center, so there’s a water track. Unfortunately, 2.4 Ghz does not penetrate water very well.

We attempt to solve this by gathering measurements once the swimmer comes out for air


This is how our presentation looked like 🙂


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