Education, the Umbrella Academy, and Wealth Creation

A 23rd installement of my Deliberate Internet Newsletter. This week, we will focus on why the Mandalorian and the Umbrella Academy is superior to Rise of Skywalker and what it teaches us about Education.
Oh, and we’re gonna chat about creating wealth.

Book: Brain Rules by John Medina

„The brain appears to be designed to (1) solve problems (2) related to surviving (3) in an unstable outdoor environment, and (4) to do so in nearly constant motion. I call this the brain’s performance envelope.” We tend to perceive the human brain as a magical box that does its own thing regardless of theContinue reading “Book: Brain Rules by John Medina”

Book: First 20 hours… How to learn anything… fast.

How to learn anything extremely fast? Well, that book is precisely about that. Josh is a master learner and he chose few skills that he became quite good at within 20 hours. I resolved to learn Colemak after reading this book. Took me longer than 20 hours (keyzen-colemak was quite helpful) Amazon Link My notesContinue reading “Book: First 20 hours… How to learn anything… fast.”