So you want to work at Automattic?

Today, it’s been precisely 6 months since I joined Automattic as JavaScript wrangler. All you’ve heard about how awesome this company is in fact an understatement!

It is out of this world!

Working from out of this world.

I have started a blog dedicated to helping you get hired remotely. I have transfered this post there Click here to read -> .

PS: Working in Silicon Valley company was my Bucketlist #26


  1. Great post! Can you add Twitter button to make sharing experience easier? 😀

  2. Ashley says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! 🙂 What you posted in the beginning sounds a lot like me. I read EVERYTHING before sending in my application. Now I’m in the “waiting to hear back” phase. 😀

    P.S. I loved The Martian too. Have you read the book? It’s pretty phenomenal as well! I loved how deep they dug into the details.

  3. Thank you, Artur! I’m in the read-everything-I-can-find-about-Automattic stage now so I very much appreciated this overview. The link list was particularly helpful!

    I love that you went after what you wanted with everything you had. Well done.

  4. burnedfaceless says:

    I’m a Cyber Security major. I’ve probably got about 3 years left in my degree but I love WordPress and kind of have set a goal to work at Automattic.

    I’m really passionate about open source/free software. I plan to get the Certified Secure Web Application Engineer cert, and to contribute to open source projects.

    There’s so much to learn about web dev, but it is incredibly fulfilling.

  5. Aurora says:

    I still see that y’all are hiring. I ran across your post because I was trying to see the salary ranges for happiness engineers. I came to find that it differs. Thanks for sharing your experience, and the read more list!

  6. Efosa says:

    Hi, I am a professional software developer from Lagos, Nigeria and have really been thinking about applying for the position of a Javascript Engineer. I love and have worked on Open Source Projects, and trust me, I am very competent with React/Redux.

    I have spent the past few weeks getting every knowledge possible about the company and I must say I’ve been impressed so far. to be honest, though, I am still pessimistic about applying as I do not think any African is an employee.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, really really helpful.

    1. artpi says:

      Efosa, as a matter of fact on of Automatticians is from Lagos ( lives in Ireland now ) and we have a fair bit of folk living in Africa.
      Even excluding Cape Town – we have people in Zimbabwe for example 🙂

  7. Rachellewms says:

    I have wanted to apply to work as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic for years. I finally took the plunge and applied. Working to help WordPress users would be like a dream com true for me. Thank you so much for providing a wealth of knowledge about applying…wish me luck!

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