Book: Tools of Titans – Healthy

“Tools of Titans” is a summary of Tim Ferris’s amazingly popular podcast. The caliber of people presented there is spectacular and the depth of knowledge amazing. I let myself split my book summary similarly to how TF has split it: Healthy Wealthy Wise Basically, this sums up why I focus on Fitness. Health and Strength areContinue reading “Book: Tools of Titans – Healthy”

#164 Swim in a Cenote, Mexico

This was number 164 on my bucketlist. I love swimming in various weird places, so swimming in a Cenote was a dream of mine ever since I swam in “Blue Hole” in Jamaica. In Mexico, Yucatan peninsula is made of porous limestone. That means, that water just sinks through rock and all the water bodiesContinue reading “#164 Swim in a Cenote, Mexico”

4 hour body: PAGG w Polsce

Jak zdobyć PAGG, czyli Policosanol, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Garlic i Green Tea extract  w Polsce? Przeczytaj niżej. najpierw słowo wstępu – żeby niezorientowani też wiedzieli o co chodzi 🙂 O co chodzi z PAGG? Czyli 4 hour body. Jak wielu ludzi, zainspirowała mnie fantastyczna książka Tima Ferrissa: Four Hour Body. Jeśli nie wiesz co to zaContinue reading “4 hour body: PAGG w Polsce”